Interior design and furniture are inextricably interconnected. Furniture is the key instrument designers can use to make a certain space functional and beautiful. While other aspects of interior design contribute to the overall appearance and feel of the space, its is furniture that truly give life to a room, baking it convenient for living, working, playing, resting and for an overall harmonic life.

Objects of desire

For 15 years at prestigious global interior design events, our team has been selecting Italian makers of upholstered furniture, kitchens and cabinetry, to work with as partners. Our objective is to help every client make their dream space for themselves, their families or businesses, offering personalized solutions, in line with their ways of life and needs. Technical know-how and the craft culture render each piece of furniture, made in Italy, an “object of desire“. 

Quality with tradition and fine taste

Kitchens, which we import are with marked quality of design, which is not only expressed in details and materials, but also in their pedantic manufacturing. 
Concept D imports a wide range of upholstered furniture, of guaranteed quality and comfort -  sofas, armchairs, couches, beds, auxiliary accessories for the home – from coffee tables and puffs, to cabinetry for the sitting rooms, bedrooms and walk-in closets. A particular accent are the innovative solutions for furnishing children’s rooms and offices.