Lighting at home changes the atmosphere, as well as the perception of its spatial parameters. The proper choice of lighting is a key aspect of every interior design, combined with the choice of colours and the presence of natural light in the room. 
Using lighting may contribute to or impair the general colours of the room or just the surfaces, which light is intended to emphasize. The aura of lighting is an embodied fantasy, enclosing time, place and events, driven by a strong living impulse. This artistic impulse is called aesthetics. Light, perceived as a designer object, transforms space and introduces beauty and emotion.

Purpose and functionality 

However, one of the key roles of lighting in interior design, is still functionality. Lighting should serve a certain purpose. For example, the wall lighting fittings visually stretch the entrance hall, still lighting-up the way. And when providing lights for desks and other working areas, function is key. 
The result of the proper choice of lighting, turn the premises into a flawless combination of functionality and style.

Individuality and style 

In every home there are objects, which become a bright accent. Their presence emphasizes, gives meaning and shapes the way we live. With glass’ inherent ability to disperse light and transform transparency and reflections, affecting everything around it, lighting contributes to achieving the individual atmosphere at home, which is everyone’s goal. 

History remembers bright examples 

Traces of iconic lighting fittings can be found in our beloved films, in the studios of architects, who have built our cities, on author’s desks and in artists ateliers.