A cigar box

The dolce vita sensation, expressed with the restraint and club-like feel of this apartment interior design, remind of the aesthetics of the luxury accessory. Situated at a street, governed by the Sezession aristocratism of Old Sofia, it is a modern extension of the profound attitude towards architecture and design. 

When the work on this project started, the unit was at the stage of finished floorings, installed doors and finished bathrooms by the developer. In order to avoid any compromise in the new space distribution and the overall idea of the interior, the owners decided to remove everything and “start clean”. The general reconstruction changed the locations of the kitchen and dining room. In the existing layout, the kitchen occupied the space of the current dining-room and it was fully closed. This disrupted the space and obstructed the free flow between spaces. Client’s requirement was to preserve the fully-closed type of kitchen, however providing visual connection to the dining-room. In this way it was “shifted” to the place of the dining-room and the connection to the rest of the living-room is in the form of an aquarium and a sliding glass barrier, which does not obstruct the sense of continuity. The dining-area is situated in the fully open space of the living-room.

In this way, the required reconstructions achieved maximum functionality. The perimeter of the open space is outlined by the dominant linear lighting, and the separate nooks in the interior design are accentuated by the strong presence of the Barovier&Toso lamps.

The transitional areas are emphasized by semi-transparent extravagant solutions, attracting the eyes – a large aquarium between the kitchen and the dining-room and Longhi glass doors with the effect of fine parchment, enhancing the soft, golden radiance of the interior. The warm depth of the oak in the parquet and Italian custom-made cabinetry, corresponds to the richness of the textile textures. According to owners’ requirements, all walls are upholstered, which is a contemporary interpretation of the notion of the softly engulfing home, providing individual perimeter.

The overall tranquil color-range feels dynamic, thanks to the unusual, custom-made pop-art upholstery, produced by Flexform for the Antonio Citterio sofa, boasting a liberal interpretation of one of the symbols of modern luxury. The onyx, granite and marble, used for the kitchen worktops, floorings and ornaments, enrich the stylistics with a more exotic and more lavish element, without impairing the overall discretion of the elegant interior design.

The choice of tranquil balance and the omission of contrasts and unexpected twists and turns in the solutions, ensure a sense of security, moderateness and spiritual coziness. Or – if we use the associations, arising from an architectural and decorative element in the residence itself – the sense of swimming in illuminated waters.