A sense of space

Interior design and project implementation for an apartment, situated near the South Park of Sofia. Light is everywhere – it streams from the windows, flows all around the apartment, it is reflected from the glass furniture, the mirror surfaces and metal interior details.
Numerous changes to the functional space distribution in the apartment were made. The key principle was to make sure that there were no rooms, devoid of natural light and direct view of the park and the mountain. The current living-room was occupied by a staircase, leading to the second level, and the lounge was separated as a room, without direct connection to the kitchen and the dining-room. The new lounge area combines different spaces – the entrance hall, kitchen, dining-room and lounge-area. Owner’s personal spaces are in the background - bedroom, walk-in closet and bathrooms.  

Lounge area

The spacious interior of the entrance hall provides clear view of the lounge, kitchen and dining-room, all situated in a common space. The metal elements, interwoven in the floor are a mirror image of the lighting fittings in the ceiling. The polished marble of the floor and the mirror surfaces of the Rimadesio doors of the built-in wardrobes enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Minotti’s Dubuffet sofa follows the shape of the glass showcase in the lounge, adding dynamics to the space.

The kitchen

It has a professional feel and is made of a classical combination of inox and wenge from the Italian makers Poliform. Perfect functionality, combined with refined and elegant design are an expression of the contemporary lifestyle concept. The light, coming from the stretch ceiling gives the feeling that you can see beyond it – freely, without any obstacles – an intended effect, enhancing the concept of spaciousness.

The study

It is situated at the top level, but is also visually connected with the lounge, through an opening in the glass floor. The glass surface of the floor reveals natural white stones, the columns between the glass showcases are emphasized by low white spherical lamps. The impeccably elegant Giorgetti armchairs are in harmony with the pure lines and shapes of the space.

The bathrooms

The emotion and special atmosphere in the bathrooms are ensured by the natural stone used. Onyx transforms the bathroom into an esthetically stimulating space. The Catalano washbasin and the Flos lights attract the eyes and enhance the elegant interior design.