Codes of elegance

Interior design and implementation of a project for an apartment in Sofia. From the very start of this project, the conversations with the client outlined the key accent in the interior – glass artwork by the sculpturer Petar Malametenov.
The glass lotus and glass boats defined the color palette of this urban home. If one owns original artwork, it is to be the focus of the interior, while the furniture should be in harmony with it. Therefore, in the lounge area, everything seems subordinate to the glass lotus. The artwork is further emphasized by the pale purple color of Kartell’s Sir Gio table. The iconic Masters chairs in chrome and the lamp above the dining table are a manifestation of the elegant concept of luxury.

Lounge area

The tranquil environment here is achieved by the nuanced monochromacy –superimposition of beige and cream colors, delicately touched by pale purple and chrome. desiree’s AGON sofa is the focus of the concept of comfort and discretely hints of repose. Tables with asymmetrical tops and fine chrome base by desiree.

The kitchen

It is small, which requires particular attention when designing the furniture. The approach to this compact interior design is like one towards a yacht room – we have used numerous built-in cabinets, holding and obscuring everything unnecessary, so that the space remains clear and seems larger. This effect is further enhanced by proper lighting. The kitchen by the Italian makers Euromobil is made of thermostructured oak, and the color is dark chocolate.

The bedroom

The deep hues of blue and green are borrowed from the decorative glass print of a large sea turtle, placed on the wardrobe doors. A mix of ocean green, violet blue and chrome inspire the overall interior vision of the personal area in this apartment. The bed with upholstered back in velvet of the Italian manufacturer desiree, bedside lamps in chrome K-Tribe by Philippe Starck for Flos.

The bathroom

The key detail in the bathroom – the Impronta washbasin by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for Catalano – with its organic line, enclosed in a solid geometrical shape reminds of a sand, shaped by waves. The stylish interior design is complemented by the Gessi Eleganza tap and Novellini hydromassage tub.

The guest room