Interior design and project implementation for a small apartment in Sofia. Repairs and furnishing of a small apartment, which the owners plan to rent, does not sound like the most difficult thing in the world. At least in the beginning, until the owners start facing increasingly difficult interior issues. How to create a beautiful space within a modest budget? In this project, we successfully managed to design an interior, balancing the elements of contemporary design, our understanding of the space and our client’s personal vision.  

In the play of associations, prompted by the colorful interior design, colors become the key carrier of the concept and a tool for its implementation. The combination of yellow and gray used for the furniture, the fabrics, photos and prints, strike a balance between "urban feel" and home comfort.

The lounge-area and the kitchen are visually and spatially open and connected at the same time. The kitchen and the cabinetry were made to our Studio’s interior design, by a Bulgarian furniture company.

To summarize: in this small apartment one breaths freely and has the feeling that any endeavor would be successful. Colors simultaneously calm down and release one’s mind, providing positive charge and boosting the mood – a wonderful interior design for wonderful outcomes.