On two continents

Interior design and project implementation for an apartment in Sofia. This interior is a proof that the successful dialogue between owner and architect is possible, even if they reside on different continent, in different time-zones. 
The client contacted us at a very early stage, when the residential building, where this apartment is situated, was still at the concept design stage. This enabled us to discuss on time and decide on the new space distribution in the apartment, in accordance with client’s individual needs and at the same time to coordinate the desired distribution with the developer of the building, who implemented these ideas. This allowed the client to save plenty of time and money.

Lounge area

Clear geometric lines, natural materials and the absence of unnecessary colorfulness, emphasize the outlines of the space and the sense of spaciousness in the lounge area of this apartment, incorporating the kitchen, dining-room and lounge-area. In this interior design particular focus is drawn to the Lacoon and Lacoon Island sofas, based on Jai Jalan’s concept for desiree, situated in the area, intended for watching TV. With its rounded shapes and conceived by the designer as a natural isle – warm and encompassing –these are the preferred space for rest and conversation.

The kitchen

With its pure modern design by the Italian makers Euromobil, the kitchen dominates the interior, suggesting owner’s special attitude towards cuisine. Light as an element of the interior is key – both daylight – through the presence of many vast windows, and interior light – through the carefully selected luminaries. The FUCSIA lamps by Maestro Achille Castiglioni for FLOS over the dining table firmly emphasize the triumph of intransient design.

The first bedroom

The general character of thus room is light. On this background, Kartell’s bright MADAME armchairs bring an art feel and a sense of uniqueness, which correspond to client’s preferences for individual character and embossed details. The cabinetry is made by the Italian manufacturer Zalf.

The second bedroom

Multi-layered, with elements with exceptionally strong presence and at the same time - absolutely relaxing atmosphere. Every morning, the elegant lamps Bon Jour by FLOS welcome their owners to the new day. The desiree bed and chair are upholstered in natural nubuck, which changes its color, depending on light and shadows.

Favorite terrace

The pergola, covering one of the terraces is made by the Italian manufacturer Corradi, specialized in manufacturing high-class exterior coverings. The opening of the roof lamellas is done by discrete motors, incorporated in the structure and operated by a remote control. This is the favorite spot of the owners and is used almost throughout the year. Among the focuses in the garden interior design is Kartell’s KABUKI standing lamp and Atmosphera’s comfortable furniture.