Corporate story

Interior design and project implementation for corporate residence in Sofia. The building, for which the Studio has developed the interior design, was conceived and constructed as a corporate residence with representative functions.
The panoramic view from the main entrances is impressive and memorable – one side overlooks the city, and the other - the fine pine forest.
Building’s architecture is characterized by vast spaces - high ceilings, stairs and transition areas.
The stylistic solution is classic in appearance, however with a clear hint of modernity. In the concept used the classic and modern approaches to shaping and organizing space are interwoven and in harmony with each other. The key requirement for this interior design was the feeling of exclusivity and representativeness.

The entrance area 

It is solemn, awe-inspiring and pretentious. The floor is the main focus. An original “flowing lava” design, formed by specifically cut and installed onyx. The extravagant spirit of the interior is recreated in the ceilings and lamps, which impress with their massiveness. The 8-meter lamp, custom-made for this project by the Italian factory VG New Trend goes all the way up the majestic spiral main staircase. The wall and ceiling lamps are made by the Florentine factory Chelini, making almost every detail by hand, and the special finishes are all manually applied.

Conference Room

The light and impeccably elegant, the conference room is also used as a hall of official celebrations. The high ornamented ceiling, the magnificent chandelier, the classic decorations on the walls are emphasized by designer furniture and accessories. The Boffi table with a polished onyx surface impresses with its unusual 7-meter length.
The classic combination of blue in the Azul bahia stone and the golden finishes of the washbasin, the wooden mirror-frame and lamps (all by Chelini) give this bathroom its classic appearance. 

The study

Spacious, solid, awe-inspiring and cozy at the same time. The space for daily work and meetings is dominated by the Giorgetti’s Scriptor desk. The main focus here is on the ceiling again, this time in large-paneled (lacunar) and corresponding to the finish of Morelato’s Direttorio bookcase. Ebony and white, velvet and gold are chosen as the accents in the business-like interior design of the study.

Official hall

The diversity of colors, textures, shapes and materials give a surprising coziness to this space, intended for formal meetings with partners. A contemporary manifestation of the old-age palace splendor - the design of the furniture, floorings and lighting is extravagant. Materials emanate nobility and glamour – velvet, silk, leather, gilded and mirror surfaces. Giorgetti’s Astor sofa has elegant design, enhanced by stylish details in the shape of the armrests, with contemporary features, but with tinted gold upholstery, corresponding to the classic armchairs and sofas of the Italian manufacturer Angelo Cappellini. The ceiling is complex and multi-layered, and the multiple crystals in the lamps are hand-installed.

The swimming-pool

The swimming-pool and the SPA area occupy a separate wing of the building.
The attention is drawn to the decorative glass-ceramic panels by а Bisazza - Bouquet, used for the shower and Corallo, used for two of the columns. DNA’s lamp by Karim Rashid for Slide continues along the entire swimming-pool, producing a sense of eternity. Exotic wood was used for the walls and floor.
The Catalano silver washbasin, reminding of a mother-of-pearl shell and Gessi’s elegant white upright, droplet-shaped tap.

The bathrooms have a clearly expressed character of their own. The choice there is natural stone – onyx. The rich range of colors, often layered, as well as onyx’s specific features - rigidity and zero water-absorption, make it particularly suitable for floorings and wall-coatings in bathrooms.
The emotion here is produced, on one side, by the elegant silhouette of the silver wash-basin Muse by Catalano and on the other – by the Pakistan Green onyx, rich in shapes and green hues. Lighting, silver mirror and accessories contribute to the atmosphere in the exquisite interior design of the bathrooms.