Glasstress Venice 2011

Glasstress was launched in 2009 (a project by Adriano Berengo) as an official collateral event of the Biennale in Venice. It has now become a leading exhibition, presenting the joint work of modern creative masterminds – artists and designers –with the masters of Murano glass from the Berengo Studio.

Glasstress – an idea with a message

Artists from all areas – from sculptures to musicians – were invited to cooperate with Maestro Adriano Berengo creating glass art. Glasstress is an embodiment of the cooperation between craft and art, creating a new trajectory in working with glass and opening new paths for modern artists.

The Magic of Glass

This exhibition is among the rare examples of a project, focused on a single material, offering an exciting journey into the world of glass. This makes us to fully forget the focus on its technical and manufacturing potential and concentrate on the warmth and plasticity of the material that has been used for centuries in everyday life, and now – for the interpretation of contemporary and universal concepts.

Glass and the modern interior design

Glasstress 2011 asked the question “Does glass have any place in modern art and design?“ The answer can be found in the works of over 50 internationally recognized sculptures, artists and designers, who tested and expanded the limits of their imagination and the capabilities of glass, as well as the way we look at modern art and design.

The past and the future in a dream

The photos you can find here were made in the modern art and glass centre Berengo in Murano. It is situated by no coincidence in an imposing old glass factory, the space of which is dream come true – the dream for creating a centre for continuing the dialogue from the past and future of the glass.