Interior design

Interior design plays an extremely important role in our lives, making them more modern, more stylish and more functional.
It is by no accident that functionality is among the key aspects of contemporary interior design, because a poorly designed big house may lack space, and a seemingly small apartment may be a perfect example of convenience and comfort.






Investing in a good life

The investment in a good interior design adds value in the long term and improves the quality of life. Often house owners try to save on the expenses for hiring a professional interior designer or an architect, but ultimately, they lose valuable time making choices and decisions on what to install and how to install it properly, which no always leads to the best possible result.

Interior design with a character 

Concept D’s team works in various styles, taking the best from each of them, and when we design the interior, the key role is that of the harmony between aesthetics, and client’s perception. Based on the years of experience that we have, we have come to the conclusion that he best interior design is when home is designed with a focus of its inhabitants’ emotional needs.

The steps to your successful design 

Here is the sequence and stages of work, in which we will be partners:
1. Defining the task at hand, together with the client, consultations and preparing the quote, singing a contract;
2. Visiting the site and architectural surveying;
3. Developing a concept design and 3D visualizations of the design, with simultaneous selection of the actual materials, furniture and lighting;
4. Developing the detailed design, including layouts, soffits, sections and views.
We firmly believe that home must tell stories of who you are and be a composite image of what you love.