Small and gorgeous

The main task when developing the interior design of this urban apartment, and subsequently implementing it, was the incorporation within a relatively small area - 50 sq.m. if everything that symbolizes the modern comfortable life: spacious lounge and kitchen, adequate bedroom, large bathroom and sufficient storage space.
Working with small spaces always requires full utilization of every centimeter available, and therefore all the nooks, formed by ventilation and utility shafts were utilized.
The rectangular shape of the apartment was divided in two approximately equal parts: to the left of the entrance is the fluid space of the kitchen-dining-area-sitting area, and to the right are the personal rooms: bedroom and bathroom. The wall-paneling in the entrance hall conceals wardrobes.

Lounge area

The modern feel and simplified lines of the cabinetry in the lounge area are enhanced by specific materials and colors. A desiree sofa and armchair with soft lines and saturated colors are displayed on this background. The fishbone-shaped (perpendicularly arranged) parquet is a hint at the classics.

The kitchen

It was made by the Italian makers Euromobil. Lain is the model, which – thanks to its simplicity – provides an excellent interpretation of the common desire for practicality and lightness. The technically elaborate solutions and elements with beautiful design, ensure original results, even for the tiniest of kitchens.

The bedroom

The ethereal interior design of the bedroom proved to be not only cozy, but also functional. The bed and dressing table – parts of the overall composition of the space, as well as the built-in cabinets and wardrobes were made in Bulgaria to our Studio’s design.

The bathroom

Visually enlarged by the large-sized light San’t Agostino granitogress tiles, used both on the floor and walls. The elegance of the simple interior design of the bathroom is emphasized by the iNova bathroom cabinet and mirror, and the Gessi taps.